Halo Infinite attracted 100,000 players on Steam in less than an hour, and 272,000 in the first night

If you are impressed by the amazing feat of “Forza Horizon 5” that attracted 4.5 million players on the day of its release, please wait until we see the official release of Halo Infinte in December-it looks like it will most likely take these numbers out of the water Blow away.

In just one hour after the unexpected launch, “Halo Infinity” has 100,000 concurrent players on Steam, Reached a peak of 272,000+ on the first day on the server.

These numbers are for Steam players only. Therefore, this does not include anyone who logs in and plays games through the Xbox app for Windows, or plays games through the console. To be sure, the number of Xbox players also dwarfs the number of Steam-interestingly, my entire list of friends was on Halo Infinite last night, and I bet I’m not the only one.

Microsoft has not announced the number of players on the first important night of Halo Infinite, but we expect these numbers to be good. very good. Given that anyone with a PC or Xbox hardware can use this free shooting game, it is only natural that this game will attract more players than Forza last week.

Since Halo Infinite supports multiplayer cross-play and cross-process between PC and Xbox, we expect that as the game ages and continues to develop, the large player base on the console and PC will benefit everyone.

If you want to enter the game, you may want to play a tutorial first-it also has some simple achievements and a nice little story.

Halo Infinite was originally scheduled to launch with Xbox Series X/S in November 2020, but was postponed to 2021 after a poor performance in July last year. All we need to do now is to wait a few more weeks for the event to end, and the entire experience will ultimately be in our hands.