Halo Infinite Battle Pass has been changed to make progress easier

A new update Halo infinite As 343 Industries continues to try to adjust the progress system in the beta version of their popular multiplayer game, the Battle Pass Legend shines on the Internet. Their most recent attempt?They added a New daily challenge A game called “Practice Achieves Perfection”, rewards players for completing 50 XPs in a single player multiplayer game.

For those who are not in the loop, the multiplayer beta version of Halo Infinite is largely considered an incredibly enjoyable experience, with a large number of players participating since its unexpected launch this week. The only major issue seems to be the progress, which comes in the form of a single experience bar attached to the seasonal battle pass.

Instead of gaining experience naturally while playing games, you accumulate experience by completing weekly and daily challenges. This causes players who just want to focus on playing well and winning games become a little frustrated because they find that doing so is secondary. XP rewards are also very meager, with only one hundred experience points popped up twice a week, while a single level in the one-hundred-level battle pass requires one thousand points.

So what is the solution? Well, 343 Industries has added new daily challenges to the game. It starts with “Complete any game” of 50 XP. After completion, this challenge will be upgraded to complete more games for more experience.

So for example, suppose you complete the daily mission, it will get 150 XP after completing 5 upgrades. So while this sounds like a trivial reward at first, it will eventually become very substantial.

Additional explanation comes from 343 Industries’ community manager John Junyszek, who wrote on Twitter: “We will also adjust, fix bugs and delete some weekly challenges based on your feedback. The adjustment of the difficulty of these challenges will help you pass the weekly faster Challenge to directly speed up your progress through the Battle Pass.”

So this ongoing process seems to be slowly getting better. 343 Industries raised this question several times through the above post of its community manager or Official blog post. Obviously, this issue has not been completely resolved, but it is nice to see consistent communication on this issue.

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