Halo Infinite Easter Egg: The best secrets of the Halo Infinite battle

Zeta Halo is a big place. This is a vast forest in the Pacific Northwest, but there are more hexagons and more angry aliens trying to shoot you, not found in the actual situation in Washington State. Halo developers Bungie and 343 Industries are both Located in Washington State.In the first few Halo games, Bungie always took the time to get rid of some great Easter eggs, such as Thirsty grunt and I will be your father’s skullIt is appropriate for Halo Infinite to continue the tradition of embiggens by spreading skulls and various secrets and reference materials throughout the open world.

Below I have collected the Easter eggs that made me laugh during the campaign. We also have a guide on the location of Halo Infinite skulls, some of which are more cunningly hidden.

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