Halo Infinite failure to erase saved files

After waiting patiently Halo infinite In the past six years, the sergeant has returned, and it is better than ever. However, despite its rave reviews and countless players fascinated by Infinite’s multiplayer game, a new archive damage failure has begun to spoil the fun.Reported by players Reset version and Halo Waypoint In the forum, the malfunction seems to have caused the player to reload the game in the third person, and then eventually lose their save files completely.

Both Xbox and PC players appear to be affected, and there seems to be a login-related issue that will completely delete your saved files. According to Resetera user 99humanity, after respawning in third-person mode, either through the floor or floating like a ghost of the Christmas past, an Xbox login prompt will appear. Then it will prompt the player to click “Let’s Get Started” to log in. There is only one problem-you are already logged in. If you see this box tempting you, be sure to avoid it altogether. Since you are already logged in, clicking the prompt to force the login process again seems to cause your login to malfunction, thereby corrupting the save file.

Interestingly, the same user did some digging and managed to replicate the fault by doing the following on the PC:

  • Plug in the second controller.
  • Your controller is disconnected.
  • The controller switches from a wired connection to a Bluetooth connection.
  • Stay logged in on Xbox when playing games on PC and vice versa.
  • Use the quick recovery feature on Xbox to play another game with multiple people logged into the same account at the same time.

In addition to disrupting the Halo Infinite campaign, this bug also seems to affect multiplayer games. In a game where the same login prompt is clicked, the player may respawn on the floor halfway through the game. Fortunately, the same user uploaded a convenient video that can help players avoid potential game-breaking errors.

Microsoft and 343 Industries have not yet acknowledged this problem.