Halo Infinite is already much better than Halo 4 and Halo 5

Of course, the beta version is still in its early stages. But let me stick out my neck at least a little here-according to the games I have played, Halo Infinite is very good.

Obviously, there is still a lot of time before the release. In fact, it was launched in a semi-compromise state, and some of the modes and features are what fans expect to be postponed to future updates. But after playing the multiplayer beta for many hours this weekend, one thing is clear: this is the best Halo in years.

As far as I am concerned, the thing about Halo is that what makes it special also makes it difficult to replicate. God knows, people tried. The marketing department called one game after another the “halo killer”, but none of them. In the end, what really “killed” Halo has nothing to do with making a better game that can do what Halo does. This is the rise of Call of Duty-arguably a very different game, a different type of game that originated from Halo’s arena shooter roots-of course, the torch passed from Halo creator Bungie to 343 Industries.

In a strange way, 343 was created specifically for the production of Halo, which is not important. Its staff also includes many Bungie alumni. This is still an earth-shaking change, and in hindsight, this is a period of soul searching for the halo. There are some experiments to transform it to be closer to the COD format and serve game elements, and try to enhance the cooperative nature of the Halo campaign. Everything is fine, but just fine. The bright sparks that Bungie cultivated felt dim.

However, now, I can look at Halo 4 and Halo 5 from a new perspective-as a prelude and an important lesson, in the running of Infinite, this game seems to combine the lofty ambitions of 343, giving Halo a new understanding of Bungie’s Halo What is the most indelible quality.

Progress will be the key to keeping people invested in multiplayer games-such as armor unlocking.

As a result, at least in this multiplayer beta, there is a Halo, which tends to fall into the sandbox madness where every game in the series peaked in Halo 3. The old trio of guns, melee and grenades is still the absolute core Halo-but in Infinite, they add new ideas, such as grappling hooks, or old features that have now been added, such as sprint ability. Crucially, these new features feel like they blend naturally into the texture of multiplayer matches without breaking the precious core triangle.

Although some of the additions, changes, and ideas in Halo 4 and 5 feel that they are risking making Halo a reality, the additions in Infinite feel as natural as when Halo 3 was added to the device, and now it’s starting to feel like The staple food that has always existed in the series.

This is the magic of using the grappling hook to grab the warthog’s back from a place that feels away forever, kicking out the current occupants-it doesn’t feel like a new trick, but the continuation of the control chaos. I fell in love first Halo multiplayer game.

Other touches are also 343’s best attempts in each category. The sound design is very good, able to judge the enemy’s position based on clearly defined audio. 343 has always been good at this, but this game just…sounds more like Halo? The updated sound effects have been improved to make them more in line with the “feel” of Bungie games, which is typical of Halo to me.

For me, Halo has always been about synergy. This is why we are talking about the triangle of guns, melee and grenades-these three elements work together in a way that ultimately shocks the genre in the first game. Halo Infinite feels like the first work in the series with this sense of synergy-it makes me very excited. Obviously, this is a multiplayer beta, and we will get a non-final version of the product in a few months. The event is still a huge question mark, as are the progress and the ongoing DLC ​​and update path. I hope the final packaging fits the content shown here-so far, I like it very much.