Halo Infinite is awesome, but I can’t bear to play it

Halo Infinite does a great job. It’s the best Halo feel that 343 has ever released, returning to form, sporting an amazing weapon sandbox, a cute nostalgic aesthetic, and a grappling hook that might even rival Titanfall 2. By all reasonable metrics, Halo Infinite is awesome.

Yes, I know where I stand in the game.mine Halo Infinite Review Deviated from the general consensus last month – but while I bemoan a superfluous open world and a ridiculous story, I still think instant shootouts are a bloody great moment. Even if the framework is a bit rotten, I’m sure the sheer act of gliding and throwing myself around Halo Infinite’s multiplayer battlegrounds will keep me coming back in the next few months.

So why haven’t I touched Halo Infinite for almost a month? Hell, I even uninstalled this thing last week.

(Image credit: 343 Industries)

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