Halo Infinite may just realize the rebirth of the open world

Remove the grappling hook and Halo Infinite will no longer work. In an interview with 343 developers this week, I learned that Grappling Hook was originally started as an experiment in a multiplayer game, and the proposal to integrate it into the campaign was a heart attack for the designers of the campaign. The moment of attack. Suddenly, the player will be able to climb to the top of the building, grab a weapon from a distance, and jump over a wall that would otherwise be a serious obstacle. If the Master Chief is a bit of Spider-Man, will it still feel like a halo? But they tried, and it didn’t take long before the opponents came.

This is the right choice. The grappling hook feels like a password that can unlock a secret corner of the Halo open sandbox. We never knew we were missing. This is Nic Cage looking for hidden code in the Declaration of Independence, but it is Halo.