Halo Infinite Multiplayer: How to download and fix blue screen crash

Halo infinite The beta version does not work? We have found out how to download the Halo Infinite multiplayer game on your Xbox One or Series X/S, even if you encounter a blue screen crash, preventing many players from all over the world from joining the stealth drop 343 industrial operation.

If you are like me-a loser lined up in the cold Derbyshire air waiting for Halo: ODST and Halo: Reach, back to the day-you will try to download the multiplayer beta version of Halo Infinite as soon as possible. Microsoft announces it is live broadcast.

However, as many players have discovered, just downloading the game client is not enough; after finishing the 250MB download file, you will be taken to a blue screen where you are just sitting there, listless, waiting for something to happen. do not worry– There is a fix.

To enter the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta, just Restart your Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S console, Then start the application and try again. All you need to do to restart the console is to press and hold the Xbox symbol on the box itself and restart the machine. If the complete startup sequence appears when you power up, you will know that it is valid.

This process should force the console to start downloading the correct update (it weighs 25GB+), so you can start playing Halo Infinite multiplayer games faster, not later.

I have tried this on my Xbox Series X and my Xbox Series S, and it works on both machines; I can now download Halo Infinite on both without any problems.

After entering, you will be able to play this early release, which includes all game maps, all weapons, and a complete Halo Infinite Battle pass.

Halo Infinite was originally scheduled to be launched with Xbox Series X/S in November 2020, but it was postponed to 2021 after the game show in July last year was not satisfactory.

The event is still scheduled to land on December 8th for the full release of the game.