Halo Infinite multiplayer looks like everything I want-I couldn’t get any more excited

Delay Halo Infinite It may have been a pain last year, but from the multiplayer show at E3, it’s worth the wait, no matter how the campaign behaves.

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As always, after the E3 madness, I’ve spent the last few days looking back at what I saw on this E3. And the more I think about the show, the more I’m absolutely desperate to get it. One particular game – Halo Infinite multiplayer.

I, like many, was obsessed with Halo multiplayer in the 2000s. I remember connecting my Xbox to an experimental LAN-to-Internet program to play the original multiplayer online. Then it’s the first official online with Halo 2. For me, Halo 3 is the zenith, especially in the big team battles with Lone Wolf.

But then … I didn’t like it anymore. Reach was a great game, but I didn’t stick to multiplayer too much. Since then, Halo 4’s online battles have fallen far from the best of the series, with the shadow of Call of Duty looming. While Halo 5 was better and a step in the right direction, Infinite seems to be the natural conclusion of the journey. Let’s get back to the greatness of Halo 3.

Almost everything you see in the Halo Infinite multiplayer showcase at E3 shows that 343 as a developer remembers Halo’s strengths, but the studio is finally confident enough to evolve the formula. Seems to have.

In most cases, it’s almost impossible to do, and there are countless demonstrations that can be seen both in the main multiplayer trailer and in a detailed developer diary-style video with some more gameplay clips. Halo is essentially an arena shooter, but it’s also about sandboxing, and the series of weapons, vehicles, and environments are much better than many other companions. In the trailer, this is dialed up to 11 and you can see that both the new interaction and the existing tent pole are even more important in Infinite.

Adjustments such as picking up and triggering power-ups such as overshields have a natural and important impact on momentary play. There are many more vehicles. As a result, Warthog blows off the wheels, and as a result, it can be driven but processed differently.

And customization – don’t know, do you feel that the customization was done correctly? Naturally, Halo as a series is better suited for customization than many shooters. It’s always a pain in games like Battlefield where the characters look quirky, but if you want to be a bright pink spartan in a samurai-inspired helmet, it still fits. Of course, there are lines that can go too far, but the ones shown so far are tightening the lines in a delicate and smart way. And I’m happy with that.

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The new AI features are also neat. The idea of ​​choosing a custom AI with a voice and attitude that suits your playing style is clever and leads to Halo’s mood that announcers are willing to enjoy all the destruction and confusion.

If you haven’t seen both videos introducing multiplayer to 343, you really need to. The trailer for the thrilling press conference was just a small part of what seemed to be offered. As I said, here’s a sense of that Halo 3 energy. It’s the same energy that I almost ruined my freshman in college. Could not stop playback Halo 3 online. At that time it was very powerful, and I felt a tingling when I saw these trailers. I can compare it to walking past a pub after 25 days of dry January. After spending some time in the wilderness, it feels like the confident and bold Halo is ready to come back and be ready to be best in class again.

Regardless of the quality of the current campaign, which seems to be both ambitious and risky, I think multiplayer is working on something really special. Perhaps all the years of corrections, adjustments and updates to the Master Chief collection helped focus on why 343 loved Halo so much. Everything about that trailer illuminates feelings I’ve never felt since Bungie managed the series.

Shooters have changed and grown from the busy days of Halo 3. Halo doesn’t leave Fortnite or replace Battlefield. But in certain niches of enthusiastic arenas shooting in the wild sandbox, it can be unique, exciting and unforgettable. I’m very happy that the 343 is back in that style of multiplayer and I’m very confident.