Halo Infinite Player won more than 100 free melee games in a row

There are good Halo Infinite players, great players, Onyx ranked players, and then Remy “Mint Blitz”, an Australian anchor who has won more than 100 free games in a row.

First report Kotaku, Mint Blitz originally planned to win 50 consecutive free games in the recently released Halo Infinite multiplayer section. However, after winning 50 consecutive games, he raised his bet and tried to win 100 consecutive games… he did it. In fact, he continued to win more and eventually broke the winning streak of “105, 106”.

The anchor said that it took him about a week to win 100 consecutive victories, and they were basically flawless, except for one small problem: his computer crashed and he was forced to quit Halo Infinite. However, his video shows that he has risen by 10 points, which means he will almost certainly win. Considering that PC freezing is beyond his control, Mint Blitz can definitely solve this problem. When he started the game again, he returned to his winning streak.

After all, Mint Blitz provided some feedback for the free model. In his list, the most important thing is that no sniper rifle appeared in the melee. He said that it only generates on one map, and even so, it only takes about 50% of the time. This forces him to respond to the challenge in a different way (rather than relying on sniper multiple kills, which seems to indicate that he usually won so many victories in earlier Halo games).

He also highlighted some of the guns he found particularly useful, as well as some strange quirks he found. Mint Blitz said that Shock Rifle is great-it can be killed instantly with a headshot-but in order to get a headshot, you must actually shoot the player as they run in one direction. He also said that the plasma pistol needs to restore its EMP function, but other than that, the classic “rookie combination”-launching a charged explosion, switching to a precision weapon like the pistol Sidekick, and then quickly firing them to kill them-is equally effective. .

He said that Mauler may be the best gun in Halo Infinite, due to its large ammunition capacity, lethal accuracy and strong melee ability. If you watch his video, you will find that Repulsor is also something he often uses to launch enemies from the cliff and cross the gap to death.

“The pressure to win 100 games in a row is incredible,” Blitz said in his YouTube video of breaking this feat. “I have my friends, and when I was in the 90s, they all [said] “Don’t suffocate at 100, Remy, don’t suffocate. If you mess up the last game, it’s too bad. I’m panicking, I’m going to suffocate.”

However, after he couldn’t beat someone on the Bazaar map of Halo Infinite, the consecutive bases ended. Here, I am proud of my entry into diamonds…

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[Source: Kotaku]

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