Halo Infinite players with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate sub get double XP boost

If you are a proud owner Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Edition Subscribe and spend your spare time on the stage of the future Halo infinite, The reward comes in the form of double experience value boost, challenge exchange and exclusive Pass Tense MA40 AR coating.

This promotion will be provided as a monthly package to provide all applicants with the above-mentioned prizes. The first package will be available to players on December 8, and will continue to provide support for the foreseeable future.

Players must view the privileged gallery on the Xbox platform of their choice to receive these gifts, which have emerged in the ongoing controversy surrounding Halo Infinite’s progression system and its impact on the player experience.

For those who don’t know, Halo Infinite’s main progression system comes in the form of a challenge-based battle pass. Players have several concerns about this system, the most obvious of which is how long it takes to pass the level 100 battle pass, and how the completion of the challenge can induce players to stay away from the game and win in a multiplayer game.

343 Industries has made some changes to solve these problems and assured players that it will continue to monitor the situation. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate rewards are a great treat for those who have already paid for the service, but those who haven’t will have to continue to struggle with the rough edges of other excellent first-person shooters.

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