Halo Infinite: Slayer, Swat, Fiesta, and Free-For-All playlists will be available for multiplayer games tomorrow

The multiplayer team behind Halo Infinite said near the beginning of December that it is working to add carnivals, tactical killers (SWAT) and free playlists to Halo Infinite before the end of the year. It also stated that although it is making a Slayer playlist, it will not be ready until 2022.

343 Industries will fulfill all your holiday wishes in December this year as it announced that Carnival, Tactical Killer, FFA and Killer playlists will be live tomorrow. This news comes from Andrew Witts, chief multiplayer game designer of Halo Infinite, Who announced All four new playlists will be launched tomorrow, December 14.

“As I pointed out last week, the team’s initial plan for the Slayer playlist included various new variants that could not be deployed in time before the holidays,” 343 Industries wrote in a statement. Reddit post Linked by Witts on Twitter. “In order to resolve player feedback on Slayer in the near future, we will first release a basic Slayer product, and will support and expand more variants in future updates.”

It seems that 343 Industries has a broader plan for Slayer playlists, possibly alluding to variants such as Snipers Only or Shotguns and Swords, but for now, Slayer will still sound like a classic Slayer. In addition to the news of these playlists, the studio also announced that it will adjust some of the more annoying mode-specific challenges.

“Next week’s update will also include adjustments to challenges, including removing some particularly frustrating mode-specific challenges, reducing some of the requirements for others, reducing the intensity of the weekly ultimate challenge (it’s hard enough to get there), and Add a new playlist of challenges specific to the new mode,” the Reddit post reads. “Personally, I would love to see a new challenge category based on accumulated player points (a small step towards’performance-based’ XP).”

Elsewhere in the post, 343 Industries stated that it is aware of issues related to Big Team Battle in Halo Infinite. Be sure to check the full Reddit post for more details.

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