Halo Infinite will get a Slayer playlist this week

343 Industries will launch four new playlists in Halo Infinite on Tuesday, December 14, 2021. According to members of the 343 Industries communications team, “Playlists for Killer, Carnival, FFA, and Tactical Killer (SWAT) will all be added through service updates.”

Obviously, this is in response to the player’s request to play the very basic and very iconic Halo mode. 343 pointed out last week that the delay in Slayer for Infinite was due to a larger playlist plan and new variants. 343 employees ske7ch issued a statement on Reddit saying: “In order to resolve player feedback on Slayer in the short term, we will release a basic Slayer product and will seek support and expand more variants in future updates. .”

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More complex Slayer playlists will appear after the team is on vacation. The update on the 14th will also include adjustments to challenges, especially by removing some “particularly frustrating specific modes” and adding brand new challenges to new playlists. There will also be a challenge category for accumulating player points.