Halo Infinite’s memed-on Brute Craig gets a rock and roll Easter egg

When the Halo Infinite event trailer debuted last year, when people grilled Infinite’s graphics, a special expressionless Brute became the focus of ridicule.Somehow, Craig’s nickname always existed, and eventually 343 Industries accepted the meme show off Last year they gave Brutes all the additional details (and beards). Craig, with a clean shave and expressionless face, may no longer be there, but the Easter eggs found during Infinite’s campaign make him immortal for future generations.

Youtuber Mint Blitz discovered a secret passage on top of a tower in the open world of Halo Infinite. If you can bring it to the roof with some precise grabs, you will find what looks like a temporary concert stage, including a poster for “Craig Zeta Halo Tour 2560”. It seems that Craig gave up his Spartan life in combat and became a rock star, and he was really traveling the world. Each location listed on the poster is an actual location that you can visit in the open world.