Halo Infinite’s multiplayer game is the (guilty) spark that the franchise needs

Veteran fans and newcomers are very happy to see whether Halo Infinite can achieve everything that the Halo franchise represents. Whether it can continue to be observed-we have an event to play in December this year-but if there are any signs of the game’s latest round of multiplayer technology preview, then the multiplayer game of Halo Infinite is becoming something truly special.

Last weekend, 343 Industries opened the game to Halo Insiders who own Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S (this is a free program) and some PC players. This means that two matching-based modes—social arenas and large team battles—can be quickly and easily entered. In these two modes, I spent most of my nearly ten hours on Halo Infinite.

Before thinking about the multiplayer game of Halo Infinite after this technical preview, I want to mention that on Friday night, from about 9pm to 2am, I played a custom game in The Master Chief Collection with three online friends. game. We play for the sake of going out, but it’s also a way for me to connect with the franchise that is about to get gorgeous new entries. Classic Halo games can definitely hold up, but they are much slower than any modern FPS. Although I have a lot of fun, I desperately hope that there is a way to speed up the game (we eventually increased the movement speed by about 20 %) ).

I keep telling my friends that I want those old Halos to be faster, smoother, and more strategic. Then I jumped into Halo Infinite and realized that Infinite is very similar to the old Halo… but faster, smoother, and more strategic.

Starting the technology preview immediately brought me back to my senses-the classic Halo theme started, my Spartan was in the front row and in the middle, and I saw the words Big Team Battle on the screen. This mode is everything I hope-large battles, vehicle destruction, control points controlled by players who wish to get a sniper rifle, and of course lone wolves who refuse to follow the team’s efforts to capture the flag (well, I can’t lie, it’s absolutely It was me several times).

The only map fragmentation in this mode I played is reminiscent of Valhalla in Halo 3. It is set on Halo, especially in the more natural mountains. There are two large alien-built buildings on both ends of the map. The path between them is that you can grab a separate Overshield, pick up one of the two vehicles to requisition the airdrop, or perch high on it for easy killing Battle Rifle. No matter which team you are in, its symmetrical design can maintain the playing field, and it allows me and my teammates to quickly learn the “lane” to best capture control points, flags, or easily kill Slayer .

Weapons on this map include standard assault rifles, reliable combat rifles, the occasional one-hit kill string, bulldog shotguns, and so on. To my surprise, the combat rifle did not dominate the battlefield. With one in my Spartan hand, I feel comfortable, but when I don’t have it, I still have a chance. I especially like Needler, it is as interesting as ever. Waiting for the timed explosion at the end of the round to kill the enemy will never grow old, does it?

From a visual point of view, I was not shocked, but that is not to say that the game does not look good. It looks great, but it does not scream a new generation like other modern games. However, my biggest complaint about the technology preview stems from these visual effects. Especially the graphics in performance mode, which makes the frames per second reach extremely fast and smooth 120fps.

In short, Halo Infinite looks ugly in performance mode. The texture is hit, and the resolution of the game is even greater. Every time I try the unlimited performance mode again, I can’t play for a few minutes. Its low graphics fidelity made everything but my Spartan weapon out of focus.

In terms of visual effects, I am not the biggest snob in the world, but compared to what I saw in the graphics mode, the performance mode lacks clarity. Its goal is 4K resolution and 60fps frame rate, which has consolidated me this year The latter may be played in December. Please keep in mind that this technical preview was performed on an older version, and it is very likely that 343 Industries has eliminated my concerns about the performance model.

Elsewhere in Big Team Battle, I was fascinated by finding new ways to use game equipment to pick up. It is essentially a deployable shield, a repellent that can bounce off enemies and grenade tens of feet, and of course a grappling hook. Game marketing often shows grappling hooks, but honestly, it is not as indispensable to Halo Infinite as marketing leads me to believe, at least in multiplayer games.

The grappling hook is not difficult to find, but once you die, it is gone. Of course, it can easily whip you on large tracts of land, catch the ghost and hijack it, the feeling has never stopped, but due to its limited use, it quickly fell into the background of the excellent Halo Infinite shootout, just like the others The equipment did it. Although these pickups are useful, they never feel necessary, because they are just to complement the already great shootout of the game.

Infinite’s excellent shootout is the most dazzling in the social arena of the game, where you can find small matches of classic Halo games like Slayer. Among the few maps in this mode, I was amazed at how easy it is to learn the maps, their layout, and the best route to destroy the enemy easily. I would have liked more visual diversity-so far, every map feels like a training ground for the Spartans, not something you encounter in the Halo campaign-but I still can play Very happy.

These maps allow you to jump wildly while shooting and don’t forget to throw grenades. I’ve been in contact with Halo for decades, but the added bonus is that I can sprint, climb on ledges, and end up playing games like I play all modern FPS .

After almost twelve hours of Halo Infinite behind me, I am happy to say that I am actually (and finally) excited about this game. With Halo 4, 343 Industries’ first foray into the series performed well. Halo 5 is…not so good, so I am cautious about Halo Infinite. This weekend’s technical preview proved that despite my reservations, the multiplayer game of this game is still good. I just hope that the Halo Infinite event can match it.

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