Halo Infinite’s new Spartan cat ears make players excited

Halo Infinite is a very good multiplayer shooting game, but due to many different reasons, players have a bad experience with this game, especially the excessive microtransactions.But it seems that 343 Industries has figured out how to change people’s perceptions of this matter: not by reducing the number or price of in-game items, but by adding Cat’s external ear canal–cat ear.

Purrfect Audio, as the new helmet accessory is called, is available in a four-part “Cat Lovers” bundle, which also includes Faded Blush armor coating and Tabby and Kat gun accessories. The bundle is priced at 1,000 Halo points, which is $10 for real money. This price makes me feel very high for a set of stupid ears to stick to your very serious super soldier helmet.

(Image source: 343 Industries)

However, not everyone agrees with this assessment.