Halo Infinite’s next multiplayer preview adds new features and may not start tomorrow [UPDATE]

Update on Thursday, September 23: According to a tweet from Halo Community Manager John Junyszek, the next beta period of Halo Infinite will be pre-loaded this afternoon and can be played tomorrow morning.

The original story also didn’t mention the matching time of the upcoming preview. Unlike the first public flight, all pairings are concentrated in two four-hour meetings that are tested every day. These meetings run from 10 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 9 pm Pacific time.

ability: Halo Infinite’s second round of technical previews will begin on Xbox consoles and PCs this weekend.People who signed up Halo Insider Project Their email or account must be checked to see if they are participating. If you want, be prepared to compare not one but two full weekend extended multiplayer game kits to the previous test.

Community Director Brian Jarrard hosted the live broadcast, showing the gameplay in the multiplayer preview. Jarald started with some “breaking news” and said that due to some problems found in the flight build, the test plan may change in time. Tomorrow should be the beginning of the test, but there is likely to be a short delay. Jarrard also revealed that the Big Team Battle part of the test will be part of the second test weekend. Those who have not been accepted to take the test should look for other ways to take the test next week. 343 is currently looking for ways to “broaden channels” to allow specific Xbox insiders and friends of Steam users to have fun.

All the content in the previous test can be accessed in the new flight, including robot competitions, battle passes, and weapon exercises. Maps Recharge, Free Fire and Bazaar will also return. Robots will no longer increase the difficulty every day, but will mix AI levels in the robot team.

Those looking for something more important than the four-on-four skirmish will be happy to see the arrival of large-scale team battles, allowing large-scale 12-on-12 matches in which capture the flag is available. BTB also comes with the latest map Fragmentation. This Big Team Battle map is set in a canyon that looks like a conifer, giving the Valhalla atmosphere in Halo 3. A large number of hexagonal spires and forerunner structures protrude from the ground around the environment. The loot cave is a new sub-target in the big map, allowing your AI partners to invade a locked vault and benefit from any weapons and other goodies you find inside. Another new map has dual forerunner bases in the desert area called Behemoth, bringing vehicle gameplay to 4v4 halo battles.

Academy is expanding this new test. There will be some new ways for players to join Halo Multiplayer. Tutorial tasks and training modes, unlimited robot matching, and additional tutorial options at the top layer provide a safe place for newcomers to learn the ropes of the halo. Weapon training is also part of the academy. They will showcase all the projectile weapons they tried this time, as well as updated robot actions and artificial intelligence for a more challenging shooting range experience.

The second Halo Infinite Technical Preview test should start from Thursday, September 23 to the morning of Monday, September 26, but, as mentioned above, this time may change. The second weekend of Big Team Battle is planned to go live from Thursday, September 30th to Monday, October 4th. Halo Infinite will be fully released on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC on December 8. Good luck, Spartan.