Halo Infinite’s promised store changes are now live in today’s update

Yesterday, 343 Industries announced that it will be making some changes to the Halo Infinite price store starting this week. Specifically, the studio will change the way it packages and prices items in stores. The store is updated today, like every Tuesday, and as promised, these price changes are noticeable.

The most notable change is a general drop in prices, especially for larger packs with cosmetic coatings for armor, weapons, and vehicles. The $1,200 Neon Superfly kit is obvious, and sells for about $10. For the past few weeks, such a bundle has cost about $17.

A vehicle coating pack called Zodiac River offers warthogs and more rainbow-style coatings to roll new tires on the battlefield, and can also be purchased for a cheaper than usual price for just 500 points.

In the first few weeks, the same type of bundle can cost a few hundred more credits. Boost and swap packs that give players double XP boosts and challenge swaps for 200 points are priced the same as usual.

There’s also a Neon Beat bundle that includes an Epic Mythic Effect set, a purple visor, and more for 1,000 credits. Plus, get the Keep It Clean bundle worth 500 points, which includes nameplates, AI, and more.

It and the Neon Beat bundle seem to be priced similar to the past few weeks, but the larger Neon Superfly bundle will undoubtedly be cheaper than it was when it went live on the Halo Infinite store the week before.

For more information on the game, check out game informer Halo Infinite Hub, then follow our stories about what’s available in the Halo Infinite store, which is updated weekly.

Are you excited about these new prices or do you feel they could be adjusted further? Let us know in the comments below!