“Halo is getting better again”: PC Gamer team reacts to halo infinitely

surprise-New Halo launched this week! The Master Chief may not officially return until December 8, but to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series, 343 Industries launched Infinite’s free multiplayer game ahead of schedule as a treat.

Now, we have two years of The Master Chief Collection to warm us up. But Infinite is not just the first new mainline Halo entry in six years (after the poorly received Halo 5), it is the first game to be launched on PC at the same time as Microsoft’s flagship console. Many of us have been investing a lot of time in the multiplayer game of Halo Infinite this week, now it’s time to ask:


(Image source: 343 Industries)

Nat Clayton, feature film producer: So dizzy! In the end, it’s hard to say how much Halo 3 burned out in the past few months, but Infinite feels that it may be one of my favorite multiplayer games in the series.