Halo: Master Chief Series Season 8 will be the final season

Halo: Master Chief CollectionOn Wednesday, 343 Industries told fans that the eighth season update will be the final season of the anthology.The studio stated that it is focusing on the successful release of the 2014 series so that developers can focus on the release Halo infinite, Coming in early December.

343 said that the final season does not mean that there will be no more updates or support. “We have more MCC work to do, and support will continue,” said Tyler Davis, community manager at 343. Written on WednesdayHowever, “As a studio, it’s not ideal to run and continue to provide seasonal updates for two different multiplayer games at the same time,” alluding to Halo unlimited, Its multiplayer games will be free.

Davis said that “more content, fixes and features” are planned in Halo: Master Chief Collection, But “their delivery methods are expected to change.” Starting next year, these updates will be released in smaller patches, rather than the official start of the new season.

“These updates will continue to be free, and will include features and content that have not been released this year,” Davis said, “and continue to work hard to improve stability and resolve remaining issues where possible.”

Added seasonal content and updates Halo: Master Chief CollectionThe multiplayer game started in December 2019. The first season lasted about six months, and the following season has been running for two to three months. Season 7: Elite starts on June 23, Season 8: Myth, is expected to start after the fall.

Season 8 Will be implemented Custom game browser supports favorites Halo: Battle Evolution with Halo 3; Will add refrigerator (from Hello online) arrive Halo 3; And a series of new posture customization, armor arrangement, sun visor color and other options.

Davis wrote that players have understandable questions about what this means for challenges, season points, exchanges, and other season features. “We are making more detailed plans for the future of MCC and look forward to sharing more information early next year,” he said.