Halo Series Episode 5 Review – The Best Episode So Far

It’s no secret halo The series has seen its fair share of ups and downs. The first episode offers an exciting introduction to the iconic Spartans and the brutal Covenant forces trying to tear humanity apart.

But then we got weeks of melodrama and poorly-paced storylines that made us wonder if we wanted to keep going.Episode five, titled “The Reckoning,” is a clear reminder of why the series has so much potential, and we’re breaking it down in this special edition Game Informer Show!

Join Alex Stadnik and Andrew Reiner Kate SanchezEIC and entertainment critics but why?discuss and spoiled Enter the Paramount Plus series of great battles and more this week. We started the proceedings by gauging how much Kate enjoyed the show, and went through some of the other less exciting plot points for the good stuff.

We also talked about a brief encounter with Soren and Kwan as they trek through the desert to Madrigal. While this storyline continues to suffer, it’s not much of a deterrent, as the group has all left this week’s show excited about what’s to come.

Programming Notes: Our sixth episode review will premiere on Monday, May 1, instead of the regular Friday slot. This is due to a specific video editor and his need for vacation. Thank you for your patience and look forward to continuing the series review!

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