Halo Series: The first trailer released during the Xbox 20th Anniversary Showcase

The first trailer for the upcoming Halo TV series on Microsoft and Xbox has been released, and it is just a small part of what we can expect in the full show.

The show will be launched on Paramount+ next year and will be played by Pablo Schreiber and Cortana dubbed by Jane Taylor. There is nothing too crazy about the trailer itself — it’s characteristic of what you expect from the Halo TV series trailer — but it’s still neat to see the master chief’s iconic helmet in such a live-action format.

You can check it out above-as you can see, it is short and sweet, and briefly introduces the voices of Schreiber’s Master Chief and Taylor Cortana.

Elsewhere in the cast, we know Natascha McElhone, Californianization To become famous, he will play the role of Dr. Halsey, who is responsible for turning John 117 into the master sergeant we all know and love today.However, little other information about the show is known, but we will learn more about it sometime next year Halo Hit Paramount+.

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