Harry Potter: Magic Awakens is a free collectible card game MMO coming to mobile this year

Warner Bros. Games has revealed that the mobile game Harry Potter: Magic Awakens, which has been released in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, will land in the Americas, Europe and Oceania this year.

The mobile game, developed by NetEase, has been available in China since last September, and Warner Bros. Games describes it as “a free-to-play, immersive collectible card game that combines strategy role-playing with a massively multiplayer wizard duel.” It was popular there; it became the number one grossing game in the local App Store. So, if that sounds to your liking and you live in the US, Europe or Oceania, you might be playing another new Harry Potter game this year (assuming Hogwarts Legacy is also released this year) .

“Harry Potter: Awakening of Magic, co-developed and co-published by Warner Bros. Games and NetEase Games, will be available globally on iOS and Android later this year as the latest title from Portkey Games, a brand dedicated to Creating new mobile and video game experiences is inspired by the wizarding world that puts players at the center of their own adventures,” the release reads.

In Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, you play as a wizard or witch of your own creation and embark on an adventure into a new magical world. As you might expect, Warner Bros. Games says you’ll meet original Harry Potter characters and new faces. As the story progresses, you’ll learn spells and charms to cast in card form. You’ll need to accumulate magical knowledge to master these spells and create unique strategies and card combinations to win duels. Like any school year at Hogwarts, expect challenging trials, duels with classmates, and plenty of magic lessons.

If you live in the Americas, Europe or Oceania, you can start today on Google Play or in the game’s Official website. Doing so will give you exclusive rewards when the game hits mobile devices later this year. After exceeding additional pre-registration levels, players can unlock additional prizes including in-game currency, cosmetics and Niffler cards.

While you wait for Harry Potter: Magic Awakens, check out the trailer for Hogwarts Legacy and find out how it’s been delayed from 2021 to 2022. Check out this story to find out how controversial Harry Potter author JK Rowling wasn’t involved in developing Hogwarts Legacy after that (though she’ll still make money from it).

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