Hasbro’s new gaming department is developing a GI Joe game

Hasbro will now make video games with countless toys. Magic: The Gathering Maker Wizards of the Coast, became a mature department of Hasbro In February, A new game studio has been established, aiming to create licensed games based on many attributes of Hasbro, the first of which is the third-person GI Joe game currently under development.

Wizards of the Coast’s studio is located in North Carolina and is called the New Raleigh-Durham studio. The team is led by veterans from WB Games, who lent their talents to the Killer and Batman Arkham series. According to its job list, New Raleigh Durham Studios is currently hiring an art director, chief animator, chief game designer and technical director.this Post The title of GI Joe is also described as a multi-platform action adventure game made by Unreal Engine.

During the February investor event, Chris Cocks, president of the Coastal Wizards Talking about the company’s game plan, Said “…In addition to developing our own IP, we will also use some of Hasbro’s year-round favorites and focus on developing them digitally. Hasbro has an amazing brand library with dozens of There are still several generations of fans to discover the stories and characters of the year. We will bring these brands into digital life and develop experiences that resonate with lifestyle gamers in novel, fresh and exciting ways.” So far, we have Know that Pokémon Go maker Niantic’s Transformers game is Currently in production.

In another major gaming initiative, Hasbro expanded its partnership with Epic earlier this year to expand its Fornite product line. You can read the details of the agreement here.

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