Hawkeye Trailer: Hailee Steinfeld and Marvel’s Jeremy Renner are at large

Clint Barton made a lot of enemies during this period Avengers: Infinity War with End GameAnd in the new Hawkeye trailer Disney Plus, Almost everyone gathered in New York to prevent him from returning home in time to be reunited with his family before Christmas. In the first trailer for the new series that Marvel Studios premiered in November this year, Clint is on the run, but Hailee Steinfeld’s new character, Kate Bishop, becomes the focus.

According to reports, Clint will also spend a series of training Kate Bishop, composed of Dickinson and The edge of seventeenHailee Steinfeld. Clint is training Kate to take over the mantle of Hawkeye, and she may be an important part of the MCU’s future.

Hawkeye Will also star in Florence Pi, who returns to the MCU as her Black widow The role Yelena Belova.As we can see in the post-credit scene Black widow, Yelena is one of the people recruited to track Clint and commit crimes for him-as we know, technically, he did not commit these crimes.

Hawkeye Created by Jonathan Igla (mad Men), he is also the lead writer of the series. The series will be created by Rhys Thomas (John Magnolia and sack lunch group) And duo Bert and Bertie (Unit zero). The series also features Arakwa Cox as Maya Lopez, also known as Echo, a young deaf and mute woman who can perfectly imitate people’s movements. Vera Famiga as Kate Bishop’s mother Ai Reno Bishop.

Hawkeye Season 1 will premiere on Disney Plus on November 24 and will air eight episodes.

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