Hayley Atwell as Laura Croft in Netflix’s Tomb Raider anime

Netflix announced that it is developing an animation tomb Raider The series was back in January, and now we know it will be an anime, who will voice Laura Croft. Hayley Atwell (Hayley Atwell) plays the special agent Peggy Carter (Peggy Carter) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and she will play the iconic explorer.

In addition to Marvel, Atwell’s works include 2015’s Cinderella, Christopher Robin, And the upcoming Mission Impossible 7As for the show itself, Netflix still hasn’t revealed plot details or premiere dates, but it is confirmed that Laura’s next adventure takes place after the events of the Crystal-powered Tomb Raider restart trilogy, which is based on the 2018 Tomb Raider. Raider Shadow is over. Atwell will be the third to portray this version of Laura, after Camilla Luddington and Alicia Vikander, who dubbed the “Laura” restart trilogy. Actress of Lara, who dubbed the modern Lara in 2018. tomb Raider movie.

Tomb Raider will be written and executed by Tasha Huo (Wizard: Bloodborne, Red Sonia). This is one of several video game adaptations that Netflix is ​​working on. The company has given the green light to a new Castlevania series starring Richter Belmont, a wizard animation, and an animation “Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon”. There are also rumors that the live-action Pokémon series and Dragon Age shows are also under development.

What do you think of Hayley Atwell playing Laura? Is she suitable, or have you ever thought of another actress to play this role? Let us know in the comments.