Heart Machine Announces Hyper Light Breaker Entering Early Access in 2023

Heart Machine, the development studio behind Hyper Light Drifter and Solar Ash, has revealed its next project called Hyper Light Breaker.

circuit breaker, which is Announced at G4 This afternoon, is a new game in the Hyper Light universe, and players will enter Early Access next year. Unlike Drifter, Breaker will be a 3D action game with cooperative gameplay. According to creative director Alx Preston, this new adventure isn’t a direct sequel to Drifter.

The Steam page for Hyper Light Breaker provides the following description of the game:

“​​​​​​​Enter the new continent Overgrowth in the world of overlight. Explore a vast biome alone or with friends, defeat brutal monsters, create new buildings, survive in the mysterious crown and overthrow the almighty Abyss Wang from this adventure from the creators of Hyper Light Drifter.”

You can watch the first trailer above, which sets the stage with a sleek, action-packed animated sequence and ends with a glimpse of the in-engine gameplay.

Heart Machine is working with Gearbox Publishing, although no other platforms have been announced for Hyper Light Breaker yet besides Steam.