Hearthstone mercenaries are not Hearthstone-this is what you need to know

Hearthstone Mercenaries launched today in the Hearthstone client. In this version, Hearthstone has actually become a platform that houses the core Hearthstone game you may be familiar with. This is a traditional digital card game, an automatic battlefield (automatic chess) game, and it is now a new game Hearthstone Mercenary . Before delving into it, let us first understand some key information. Hearthstone Mercenaries:

  • Does not use any existing Hearthstone collection
  • Whether to use the same in-game currency and gold coins as Hearthstone
  • Does not use any rules or mechanisms the same as Hearthstone
  • It is turn-based, and speed is a factor of ability (that is, the ability with speed 1 will disappear before the slower but possibly stronger skills with speed 9)
  • Players do not build decks; instead, they bring a team of 6 characters in each bounty mission or PVP battle
  • Character upgrades, unlock new abilities, and get equipment and resources from missions while you play the character

In fact, the mercenary is a compact RPG experience with some roguelite qualities and variable elements to consider every run. In each game through an area, the enemy’s battle may be different, and some of the special boosts you get are temporary. However, the experience points and resources you gain are permanent, which means that regardless of the outcome of the game, your lineup will usually become stronger. When you start the game, due to the low level and ability of the characters, the options will be limited-you may be restricted to using one skill on each character for a period of time-and your list will not be that big. When When you go to the Barrens, think of this stage as when you killed rats, slimes, and spiders in the early RPG. Although you won’t experience too much complexity or counterattack here, it will teach you the basic basics, because you will soon enter a harder and more interesting fare.

What should you study here during opening hours? Two things-the triangle of timing and weakness. Basically, all the characters in Hearthstone mercenaries belong to the three archetype barrels. The protector is your great warrior and brawler, the warrior is your more agile rogue, ranger, and beast, and the caster is your priest, warlock, and wizard. Each character is associated with a color, and the color is important because it determines how the battle is conducted through the triangle of weakness. The protector does double damage to the fighter, the fighter does double damage to the caster, and the caster does double damage to the protector. It is also possible to find classless, colorless entities that have no advantages or disadvantages in battle.

At the most basic level, this means that if you know that the boss is going to be some kind of despicable wizard when performing a mission, then you may want to team up with a group of fighters to best win the victory. day. Of course, this is only a basic level strategy, but being able to deal twice as much damage to any target is a huge benefit for starting every battle, so keep this in mind. When it comes to PVP, you won’t be able to see your opponent’s board before giving up your own board, which means there will be various meta-strategies in the pre-match construction, or people may just start playing each one at the opening ceremony In… we must see.

When you fight, upgrade your character’s abilities, and unlock some new characters, new options will easily appear. The complexity increases as the character unlocks equipment options, allowing you to fundamentally change or enhance one of their skills through equipment. Eventually, your team will enter and use one skill to simply farm small dungeons and enemies. It will be tested in a variety of different challenges, some of which are equivalent to timing puzzles, while others are best suited for interesting combinations and synergy.

For example, Sylvanas is an ingenious character who is not actually too impressive outside of parties aimed at taking advantage of her, but if cheered properly, she can become a huge wrecking ball. Slavanas can dig the soul of the fallen and greatly increase her own attack value. If you deal with it creatively, such as designing a large amount of feed for death like a summoning character, you can have an absolute banshee queen on the field. And did it. That said, don’t be too greedy, because determining when to introduce her to the board can be a tricky part in this situation. She may come out and raise herself to a dazzling attack value, but if the battle is already beneficial to the enemy and there is a setting position, it may not matter at all.

If it doesn’t make any sense, it’s okay—it’s easier to see in action than to explain. Other synergies are also obvious, such as putting all your murloc heroes together to create a fun time. Not all pairings are so obvious, and it is very satisfying to wander around with your roster to try to find some combinations other than direct selection.

Since Mercenary is a free mode (it’s actually its own game), it gives you everything you need to play, so the best way to understand exactly how it works is to get in and fight some battles.

Does Hearthstone Mercenaries sound like your favorite game? Please let us know in the comments below!