Hearthstone’s next big patch will add 75 ‘friends’ to the battlefield and nerf a bunch of cards

Patch 22.2 will bring changes to all of Hearthstone’s major modes, but the focus is on Battlegrounds. (Image credit: Blizzard)

like seemingly The majority of Hearthstone’s player base, these days I consider myself a battleground master. So the big patch after the new deck became more exciting for me. Blizzard has even started offering Battlegrounds its own pre-release cycle, with exclusive showcases from content creators. This week’s highlight is the announcement of PUBG’s “Friends”, which will go live with Patch 22.2 on Tuesday, January 25th.

Friends is a new mechanic, each hero has their own friend card, which cannot be obtained from the store. Instead, you can gain friends by filling the meter by performing certain actions during gameplay, such as popping a divine shield. Once the meter is half full, you will receive your first buddy. Fill the meter completely and you’ll get two more buddies, creating a gold version if you still have the first buddy.