Hearthstone’s next mini-series pits Sylvanas against Zovar next week | PC Gamer

The next Hearthstone mini-set has been revealed as belly and disorder (opens in new tab)a collection of 35 cards featuring the return of Sylvanas since her original incarnation became inducted into the hall of fame (opens in new tab) 2017. This time, the most notorious of the Windrunner sisters was “brought to the jailer for her crimes”.

This mini-set will include 35 new cards – 16 commons, 14 rares, one epic and four legendary cards – available at Nasli when Maw and Disorder goes live on September 27 Found in the Murder at Ya Castle card pack. Don’t do it piecemeal, the complete mini-suit (66 cards in total: one for each legendary card, and the remaining two) will also be purchased in two versions: the normal version available in the game for 2,000 gold or 1,500 runes, and the full gold version, Costs $70 or 7,000 Runestones.