Heavy Rain’s Quantic Dream Dedicated to the Star Wars Project-Rumor

Quantum dreamAccording to reports, the developers behind “Rainbow” and “Detroit: Become Human” are working with Disney to develop a new Star Wars game.The news was first shared by a French YouTuber Gautóz, Who said Quantic Dream has signed with Disney after the contract with Sony ended.

Leaker Tom Henderson heard similar details from their sources, he said The game has been in development for 18 months, Although they don’t know how far it is actually from production.

The two parties have not officially announced this partnership, but this news is not surprising. Since the Lucasfilm Games brand revival, Disney has been openly providing licenses for “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” to studios of all sizes. Although many of these games have yet to see the light, the potential benefits are very exciting.

Quantic Dream is known for its narrative-driven games. The studio’s latest game “Detroit: Become Human” was launched on PS4 in 2018 and only landed on PC more than a year later. Given that it no longer signs a contract with Sony, the next game may land on multiple platforms at the same time.