Hellblade 2 combat designer: “We’re raising the bar”

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 It’s been a while and we haven’t really seen that much from the developers Ninja Theory About the game itself. But at least we know that development seems to be going well, and – according to a new interview with combat designer Juan Fernandez – there’s been a lot of progress in the first game.

In an interview with a Spanish website, spoilerFernández revealed some interesting information about Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2’s setting, and described the new, deeper combat that the sequel will feature compared to the original Hellblade.

“A lot of things we do are good, but I think there are a lot of things that could be improved and I’ll change today,” he explained to the website (via Google Translate). “You have to remember that the team working on Senua’s first adventure was very small for a development like this, with only 15 people in the studio most of the time.”

So what has changed in this game? Well, first off, it sounds like there’s going to be more variety in terms of combat and the enemies you’ll encounter.

“The most dissatisfying thing about “Hellblade 1” is that there are few types of enemies, and the long-term battle is suppressed […], the way the difficulty system is adjusted, the enemies have too much life, they have a lot of durability, we have many kinds of attacks and combos, but actually the enemies don’t encourage you to use one of them, the two that people find they like and keep repeating The timing of the three moves, blocks, and story is very generous and can still be more intelligently balanced. “

This is in line with previous comments by creative director Tameem Antoniades, who noted that the fights will be “real and brutal” in the highly anticipated follow-up (he even explained that the actors who did the motion capture for Senua have been experiencing fights) The last two years of training have made her performance in competition seem more realistic).

Senua’s story gets darker and more real in Hellblade 2

Fernández noted that he’s excited to address the issues that arose in the sequel’s first game, and that — thanks to a larger studio and bigger resource pool — the game “will be as impactful as Hellblade, but for other reasons.”

“We’re raising the bar for doing more with less,” explained the combat designer. “Compared to the first Hellblade, we had more numbers, but compared to similar teams, the quality we delivered versus the teams that were behind, I think it was through the roof.”

Fernández mentioned more time to work on projects, more opportunities to test the game with people outside the studio, and more time to troubleshoot issues that arise during development, which are all things Hellblade 2 The benefits — and everything else that makes this game stand out as much as the first title in the series.

It’s been more than two years since we first saw The Legend of Senua: Hellblade 2 hit the stage at The Game Awards. After a long hiatus, Ninja Theory has released a gameplay trailer at The Game Awards 2021.

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