Hellblade developer Ninja Theory isn’t using AI to replace voice actors

After a recent report discussed AI-led dubbing, Hellblade developer Ninja Theory It has been clarified that it has no intention of discontinuing the use of real voice actors.

GLHF recently ran a Report All about AI voice acting, and how voice actors are worried about losing their jobs to the technology.This article focuses in part on one such company working on the technology called Altered AI, noting how Ninja Theory is currently working on Hellblade 2: The Legend of Senua, is working with Altered AI, leading some to worry that the studio is replacing actual actors with AI. But Ninja Theory addressed those concerns in a recent tweet.

“No. For clarity, we’re using this AI technique for placeholder content just to help us understand things like when and where in the early stages of development,” Ninja Theory responded to a Twitter user asking if the studio actually Actors with artificial intelligence written on it are replacing real speech. “Then we work with real actors whose performances are at the heart of bringing our story to life.”

GLHF did note in the article that details of the collaboration were not disclosed, which is part of the reason fans are concerned that potential voice actors will be biased towards AI.

In various media industries, artificial intelligence technology is used for various purposes, such as how the technology can be used for Recreate the voice of James Earl Jones as Darth Vader In the most recent Obi-Wan.

Obviously, there is a lot of concern that actors will lose their jobs because of technological advances. That’s somewhat understandable for Jones, now 91, who may not be able to perform like he used to. But other than that, the only use cases that seem appropriate are like those mentioned by Ninja Theory. Beyond that, it can become legally ambiguous.