Helping those affected by the Israeli-Gaza conflict

The recent resumption of hostilities between the Israeli army and Hamas has made terrible sacrifices to the people of Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem. At the time of writing, more than 200 civilians were killed and thousands more were injured. The long-standing destruction of infrastructure, including the loss of electricity and water, makes it difficult to treat the injured and exacerbates this humanitarian crisis.

Especially for Palestinians, who account for the overwhelming majority of casualties, there is an urgent need for assistance. Here’s a list of some of the charities that help the most affected people in the region. Please consider donating.

Save the Children

A UK-based children’s charity currently has an emergency fund focused on the Gaza crisis. The donations will be used to purchase essentials such as sanitary kits, first aid kits and LED lights.

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Doctors Without Borders / Doctors Without Borders

A French-based medical relief team has long existed in the region, operating clinics in Gaza and supporting Palestinian hospitals. Donations are directed to essential treatment for victims of conflict.

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United Nations Palestinian Refugee Relief Agency

The agency is funded by voluntary donations from UN member states and private donors, paying particular attention to the psychosocial impacts of conflict, food and poverty relief, and infrastructure such as schools and shelters. , Provides important medical care such as education for refugees. Children.

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Children of peace

The charity works to improve the outlook for both Palestinian and Israeli children affected by conflict in the region, with the aim of building trust and reconciliation through arts, sports, health and education programs. I am.

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MAP – Medical assistance for Palestinians

Donations to the emergency fund of this medical charity will help procure the medicines and medicines needed throughout Gaza and East Jerusalem. Charities are also investing in local abilities and skills to strengthen Palestinian health care in the long run.

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Action aid

The women’s and girls’ rights charity has the Gaza Crisis Response Fund, which provides food, shelter, cash and psychosocial support to the most affected families in the region.

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