Henry Cavill “Dream” starred in live-action adaptation of Warhammer

PC gamers have a soft spot for Henry Cavill. In the past few years, his love for Warhammer 40K has been fully proven-from spending his lock-in painting miniatures to admitting that he just can’t stop thinking about his hobbies, even when filming the second season of The Witcher in this way.

Now Cavill goes a step further and said that if given the opportunity, he would be happy to appear in a Warhammer movie or TV show. “I want to be a lot of characters in the Warhammer universe,” he told IGN At the wizard press conference. “But I can only truly be a person, because once I become a person, then I can’t be another person. So if it does happen, if there are any reality shows, I must be very clear about this.”

Then he suggested that he might be able to use the two universes of the game to his advantage: “I think I can play a role different from the Warhammer Fantasy Universe and the 40K Universe, but now I’m just dreaming.” When IGN recommended the Warhammer 40K When Gregor Eisenhorn, the protagonist of the Eisenhorn trilogy, he said, “That would be very exciting, yes, but then I burned the original body and the captain, so I really don’t know. “

(Image source: Netflix)

For Cavill, this feels very brand-specific. Even if he should promote “The Witcher,” he couldn’t help but want to learn about Warhammer.He did start talking about TV shows and their future, saying that he thought the background of blood and wine Dusan It will be a good location for the series to visit.