Here are all the games announced at the Devolver E32021 show

Devolver Digital I wasn’t disappointed with the mudcap, off-the-wall showcase E3 2021 – But alongside the strange story, the publisher has also released a number of games.

Decorating the announcement headlines and making a kind of joke throughout the bizarre experience, publishers jab into the increasingly popular trend of treating games as a service, and costly repetitions for players to acquire. I urged you to sign up for payment. Access to the title.

Satire is “Devolver MaxPass + Showcase | Monetization as a Service, “, Please see the intro below.

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Now … whatever it is … it doesn’t get in the way, so let’s focus on the game. Even by the lofty standards Devolver set as a publisher, many indies looked great on the list.

Trekking to YomiThe first announcement was made by the publisher as “Cinematic Tour Deforce”. It’s clearly inspired by classic samurai films and comes from the Polish Flying Wildhog Studios (which you may know from the restarted Shadow Warrior series). By the way, who will stop you if you want to check out the new Shadow Warrior 3 footage?

“As a vow to his dying master, the young swordsman vows to protect his city and his loved ones from all threats,” the trailer reads. “In the face of tragedy, a lonely samurai who is obliged must sail beyond life and death, confront himself, and decide the way forward.”

Trek to Yomi will be available in 2022 for PC, PS 5, PS4 4, Xbox Series X / S, and Xbox One.

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next Wizard with a gun: Online collaborative sandbox survival game. Everyone is a bit like the Black Mage in the Final Fantasy series. It was neat.

According to Devolver’s game description, “Go on a journey alone or with friends to collect, build, and equip wizards, but I think it’s a good way to explore the unknown. Carefully design your home weapons, bullets, and furniture, but don’t burn them all out, as the magic you use will be out of control. “

The game will launch in 2022 on “PC and Console”.

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Ink After the show was a pretty funny and weird trailer.

“From the creators of Pony Island and The Hex, a love letter that melts the latest spirit and self-destructs is coming to the video game,” reads the trailer tagline.

Inscryption is a black card-based odyssey that blends deck-building roguelikes, escape game-style puzzles, and psychological horror into a bloody smoothie. If you like dark, hard and edgy games (see all the hard and dark edges!), This is for you.

It will be available in 2021 and will allow you to: Check out that Steam page With a link.

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If you’ve ever wanted to see all the properties of Devolver Digital lined up and packed into one sweet little mobile game package, the good news is. Devolver tumble time come up.

“You’ll earn big points by picking characters from a packed roster of your favorite Devolver Digital games and matching and clearing incredibly adorable heads from tumblers.” “Promote well, unleash each character’s special abilities, get rid of huge chunks, gain power-ups, and create a chaotic chain reaction.”

This is “the future of physics-based puzzle gameplay, elegant monetization, and strategic brand integration” and will be released for mobile devices (iOS and Android) in 2021.

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next Daemon throttle, And this is interesting. Devolver says it will only be released on Nintendo Switch and in physical format. This means that if you want to play, you need to buy a boxed copy. It’s a strange move in 2022, but it’s a Devolver for you.

“Introduction to Demon Throttle by developer Doinksoft, creator of Gato Roboto,” said the publisher. “Demon Throttle, who appears on the Nintendo Switch as a physical box set and * only * a physical box set through friends in a special reserve game, seeks revenge on the stolen demons, and is beautiful vampires and dusty. Tells the story of Gunslinger. Her mysterious chalice was sleeping with his estranged wife. Now, two unlikely companions break the devil’s curse and accurately revenge them. You have to blow up four giant generals and their evil territory to make it. “

The game will be available on Nintendo Switch in 2022.

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Door of death continue.

The moody noir trailer (some nice soft jazz opens a more action-packed sequence) unveiled a stylish action game that takes an isometric view of the surviving mini-hero in a hostile world.

“It can be monotonous to reap the souls of the dead and hit the clock, but it’s an honest job for crows,” says the slogan. “When the assigned soul is stolen, the work becomes active. The desperate thief needs to be tracked to an area unaffected by death, where the creature grows well beyond its expiration date. , Full of greed and power. “

The game will be available on July 20th for the Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC.

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At the end, Phantom Abyss.

“The brave adventurer dodges numerous hidden traps, jumps over dangerous ditches, and relentlessly protects through branched paths until one of the relics is required or the death device overwhelms them. Escape the person, “says the slogan.

“Note, you will only try once at each temple, and failing or resolving for less relics means that you will never see that temple again. “

It will appear on PC as an Early Access title on June 22nd.

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