Here’s this video of Destiny 2’s Lakshmi Cowboy-screaming in oblivion, why?

Friday and sometimes? Sometimes you have to be Exo, which everyone hates now-screaming towards oblivion in the name of the meme. You see, I understand. Those who play Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer know that Lakshmi is showing off her metal-plated ass a bit throughout the ongoing story. The location of the people in the tower is currently unstable and she is one of the dead center figures. Then everyone will want to do only “AAAAHHHH” here and there. If you don’t know that, you probably need to turn back because you’re not involved in the splicer story and there are some minor spoilers in this article. Alternatively, you can directly access the screaming video of your choice.

Every week, Bungie introduces posts from the community. These submissions may be a deep interpretation of traditions and epic deletions made in PvP.Sometimes, but sometimes, there is meme gold hidden inside This week’s movie Includes a segment, and one video this week, to be honest, just a big mood. When Lakshmi wasn’t busy making promotional videos for corrupt people and manipulating saints to bid, she was actually singing electronic songs while we were all watching in horror. So who knew that they didn’t take over the tower so subtly? Country pop song?

For those who may not know the reference, whether you have a life or just don’t care about memetic culture, this clip of the music video has become viral for that … well , It’s screaming. The song is Kirin J. Callinan’s “Big Enough” with special features such as Alex Cameron, Jimmy Barnes and Molly Lewis. In the video above, you can see the Destiny-fied version created by YouTuber.Phoenix‘, The original inspiration is shown below.

“Why? Why? Game Informer, The answer is simple, my friend. In the Destiny 2 world, I’m personally confused right now. Make your favorite jokes about the state of the game. The direction we were paying attention to as we approached the expansion of the Queen of Witches excited me and led to a nervous wreck. Why is Osiris behaving so suspiciously? Is the fan’s theory about him really true? Who is Savasun impersonating? Why is everyone listening to the song? Why can’t they give Crow more voice lines this season? I need an answer, bungee, I need an answer.

So this is my stress relief, enjoy the screams.