Hidden gaming gems of 2021-Game Informer

In 2021, players are provided with an incredible number of games, some of which will compete for the title of Game of the Year and other honors. Sometimes, noteworthy games are ignored. Although these games are not unknown under any circumstances, they may get lost in the year-end conversation, because everyone determines their favorite fare before entering the year that is about to become another blockbuster of the game. Which works have you missed that really stood out this year? We provide you with some options-maybe you also have some suggestions for us! Tell us in the comments about your favorite hidden gems from the roster of 2021 games.

Ruin library

“Library of Ruins” is a difficult game to play, but once you are on the right track, it is difficult to put down, and it is very fascinating. Combining all aspects of deck building games, tactical games, and role-playing games, frolicking in bizarre and sometimes unforgettable landscapes is a very risky adventure.The charming tune comes from Millie Enhance the main battles and you will find yourself going back to listen to them for a long time after completing your journey. Don’t forget this after reading the screenshots, because the iconic battle itself exudes this sporty style. See more information about the Ruina library here.


Inscryption started as a dark roguelike-like deck builder, but was not really satisfied with playing in a single type of space. In the absence of serious spoilers, the twists, turns and surprises found along the way make the discussion difficult, but rest assured, you will find mysteries, puzzles and curiosities worth exploring throughout the tour. This is one of the games, in addition to “go to play”, you may say too much about everything. A creative little gem, you will find yourself fascinated when visiting various places, allowing you to think about questions and dig deeper into the answers.

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Nova Island

There are countless mobile card games to try. Xinxingdao is really a subversive game. It is a mixture of tactical board games and traditional CCG. Players must combine hero abilities, custom decks and special spaces to get 20 points before their opponents. This can be done in a variety of ways through a variety of strategies. Whether you want to make a weird deck, use your work in the basement to earn points, keep your moving maker away from the sight of your penthouse, or bring the battle to a jumping hall or mezzanine, the phone is yours.

Probability of play is the name of the game, even if you are in a meta game mirroring game, this can make every game interesting. Each slot only has a certain percentage chance to give the controlling player points in each round. In addition, there is no cash store or monetization at all. That’s right, not even cosmetics. like what? Try this game-it is too good to be ignored.

Iron tail

In a word, yes, it’s a bit like Redwall meets Soulsvania. This is all you really need to know. With large boss battles, weapons and armors to master, and a large number of actions on each screen, “Iron Tail” is a challenging and playful game that should meet the needs of those seeking horror adventures. The adventure is not only a bit scary, but also contains cool battles and missions. explore. I think if you need another hook, Doug Cockle will dub the narration. That’s right, Geralt of Wizard!

Lost in random

This Burtonesque dice and card battle is a whimsical mix of horror and fantasy, action and strategy, and more advanced. The fun secret of this world grand slam game composed of dark queens, sophistry royals, and clumsy allies, while drawing you into its charming environment.Maybe i’m really just a Nightmare before christmas Fans who like this game somehow achieved this ultimate singular fusion of elements, but either way, you should give it a try. I bet you will like it.

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Obviously, for all the exciting content released in 2021, these games have not even begun to touch the skin. Which of your favorite games might not appear on the best games of the year list, or which games do you think people might own? missed? Let us know in the comments!