Hideo Kojima announces director’s cut version of Death Stranding and talks about the next game

Today’s Geoff Keighley’s Hideo Kojima, creator of Summer Game Fest, Metal Gear Solid, and Deathstrand, briefly explained about PlayStation 5’s Deathstrand Director’s Cut.

The trailer shows the main character, Sam Porter Bridge. walking Dead Actor Norman Reedus has set foot in an underground bunker patroled by many armed guards. It may be difficult to detect the way forward, but Bridges spies on a cardboard box on the shelf next to him, and then he goes inside. This was clearly a homage to Metal Gear Solid, and the protagonist Snake often used a cardboard box to disguise himself to sneak through his enemies.

Check out the trailer below:

The details of the presentation were neglected regarding the new features of Death Stranding Director’s Cut. But according to Cary, the full release is “just a few weeks away.” Only the PlayStation 5 logo was displayed in the video.

In addition to revealing Death Grounding Director’s Cut, Kojima also had a very short bully on his next project. After the release of Death Stranding in 2018, Kojima says his creative process has changed, primarily in the light of recent real-world events such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. “It’s pretty much what happened after 9/11, considering which direction to go for entertainment,” Kojima said in a pre-recorded video interview with Keighley. “I think this is a big challenge for us. [creators].. “

When talking about his new project, Kojima said he didn’t share much, but that wouldn’t be the case. “It’s not a step at a time,” he said, adding that the next project would be a dramatic change, while at the same time leaving the real social elements in the game to make players think.

“At this speed of change, I really need to think about what predictions I make and how to introduce ideas to players,” Kojima said.

You can see the entire conversation between Cary and Kojima in the video below.