Hitman 3 showed me the worst side of this year, I like it

I have played Killer 3 for 20 hours, and I have not left its first level. Not because I didn’t beat it. Oh no, that’s because I can’t stop beating it. I assassinated these two targets dozens of times in Dubai. I have secretly killed people with poison, parachutes and chandeliers. I have put on all possible disguises. I have played an upgrade mission. A lot of people told me how awesome the other missions of Killer 3 are: the murder mystery of Dartmoor, the club in Berlin or the city streets of Chongqing. I believe them! But when I haven’t figured out how to solve this imminent and important task, how should I continue to throw five choppers at five different targets hanging in the air around Dubai?

I have a hunch that this will happen. I already own the first two games of Io Interactive’s killer trilogy, but haven’t touched them yet. The invisible puzzler is accustomed to putting my free time in the same dangerous constraints as Agent 47.As PC Gamer’s Best Game of the Year selection approaches, I think of all our compliments Killer 3 comments And decided it was time to grit your teeth. After spending 20 hours combing through the entire Burj Al-Ghazali Tower in Dubai in a weekend, it became clear that I was afraid that Killer 3 was right.

The thrill of killing

It started to be naive. Because this is my first killer journey, I decided to follow a mission in Dubai. These guided story paths will guide you to assassinate targets in a mission-like manner to help introduce each invisible sandbox level and how it works. The Raptor mission is hard to miss, starting with an overheard conversation in a public space between the two guards and another assassin. I was ordered to incapacitate this opponent and use his clothes to disguise myself for the first meeting with Carl Ingram, one of my true assassination targets. After doing some dirty work of Ingram (some free assassinations) and more dressing up (as an attic guard), I ended up killing him on the top floor of the tower.

(Image source: Io Interactive)

After finishing, I think I should also take on the (In)Security story mission and guide me to kill the second target in Dubai, Marcus Stuyvesant. Well, after completing the two story missions, shouldn’t I just do the third mission “How strong autumn” and then kill the two goals together? By then, I had already begun to adapt to life in Dubai, and unconsciously wandering around in various areas of the tower. At that time, I overheard a strange exchange between the two guards about the security exercise scheduled for the next day.