Hitman 3 The Season of Wrath is the final Seven Deadly Sins Act, it is live broadcast

The seventh and final act of the season of sin is on us, Killer 3 Players need to “understand the thoughts of angry agent 47” in order to survive in front of the enemy.

In this season, you need to beat your opponents faster and smarter. This is “Night Dartmoor” and if you are among the best, you will unlock new sin-themed items and sets.

The final scene of the Seven Deadly Sins is based on the crime of anger, in which you need to defend the manor from ruthless enemies.

The end of anger upgrade occurred in the night version of Dartmoor. Here, you will face heavily armed enemies that are getting harder and harder to knock down. The fighting difficulty in these three stages is getting harder and harder. If you survive, you will be able to release your firepower to gain an advantage.

Today also marks the beginning of Halloween in the game. Orson is a well-known character in “Hitman 2”. He plays the protagonist in the fantasy upgrade of Mills. The character finds that you have dived into his dream.

There are three stages, Escalation will continue to challenge you. If you pass all stages, the tactical diving suit and bat shuriken are yours.

Mills Reverie Escalation will be open to all free starter pack players before November 29, and will be permanently open to all Hitman 3 owners.

This is not all of this season. On October 29, a new elusive target will be launched. In this mission, Agent No. 47 returned to Chongqing to strike at an angry target nicknamed the “Smasher.” He is a former middleweight champion who has been controversial for his “fighting too far.”

You will have 10 days to kill him.

In November, the position rotation will bring Hokkaido back. The final location of Hitman 1 will be available for 10 days. All weapons and items unlocked in your career will be available, and you will be able to try to get the highest score on Doki Doki Pow Pow.

In Hokkaido, you will dispatch an elusive target on November 12. Here, the fugitive gave an elusive new meaning because he is currently undergoing facial reconstruction surgery. In order to expel him, you need to collect clues when you discover which patient is your target.

Find the right target and you will get a white yukata.

You can also look forward to Wrath-inspired contracts created by Io Interactive. A total of three games will be added on November 18. The community selection contract will be launched on November 25.

Complete selected contracts and get professional screwdriver rewards.

Other content includes Hokkaido’s icy cowboy challenge, where you can unlock the polar survival suit.