Horizon Forbidden West Cover Revealed and Edited Top 10 | GI Show

Happy holidays from Game informant show! As part of our latest cover tour, we will bring the joy of the holidays and learn more about everything we know about Horizon Forbidden West. After that, we invited a large GI editor to take turns to discuss their favorite games this year, including Halo Infinite, Metroid Dread and more! As always, we ended another brilliant performance with interesting questions from the audience, this time the theme of the festival.

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Check the timestamp below to jump to a specific point in the discussion:

00:02:58-Horizon Forbidden West Cover
00:25:23-Top 10 list of GI editors
00:25:57-Marcus Stewart’s top 10
00:39:55-Golden Wallace’s top 10
00:53:41-Ben Reeves’s top 10
01:09:53-Blake Hester’s top 10
01:26:16-Dan Tack’s top 10
01:41:38-Wes LeBron’s top 10
01:52:23-Housekeeping service
01:56:12-The audience asks questions