Horizon Forbidden West developers have put in a lot of effort to make the world feel more alive

Horizon zero dawnThe world is one of its best assets. Whether you are strolling through the snow-capped mountains, marveling at its mechanical wonders, or trekking across the plains to hide behind rocks to avoid being caught by bird machines, the world always feels like an integral part of the role-playing experience.

This is something the developers are eager to ensure in the subsequent Horizon Forbidden West.exist A new PlayStation blog post From Bo de Vries, Guerrilla Games’ community leader, we heard more about what the studio is doing to make the world in the sequel better, and how the studio creates a believable world in the settlement and environment .

A key factor for the harmonious operation of the world comes from the development pipeline itself; for each work, several departments (including narrative, environmental artist and task designer) work together to make the tribes of the game look recognizable and have unique behaviors And culture.

“Every detail establishes credibility and creates a real environment through visual narrative,” de Vries explained. “For example, the Nora people are relatively remote in the remote valleys of the Holy Land, and it is difficult to communicate with the outside world. Therefore, they are not as technologically as other tribes and are more wary of outsiders. Their settlements are built of wood and rope, except There is almost no furniture besides the furniture needed for daily life.”

Espen Sogn, Guerrilla’s chief lifestyle designer, pointed out that it can be difficult to strike a balance between perfect world details and not making the player feel overwhelming-but if done right, the rewards are worthwhile. To this end, various systems have been added to the game to make it feel more realistic and vivid.

“Every non-combat NPC in the western part of the Horizon Exclusion Zone is part of the crowd system,” Sogn said. “In this system, you can create rules, such as reactions, walking paths, and other animations. Then we have an attitude system, which determines personality. This means we can create unique people who behave like in the world individual.”

Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Guerrilla Games recently postponed Horizon Forbidden West February 18, 2022, To push it back from the previously planned 2021 holiday release window. The game will be launched on PS4 and PS5 at the same time.