Horizon Forbidden West developers share cool new game details

Guerrilla Games shared about Horizon Forbidden West And the new ability of the protagonist Aloi A new Playstation developer blog. Her toolkit has expanded to include free climbing, swimming, melee weapon upgrades, and more traversal methods, which she will use to fight against new robotic enemies.

Horizon zero dawn It is famous for its lush and climbable open world, gameplay based on stealth and archery, and terrifying robot enemies.exist Ban West, The guerrillas hope to expand these elements and pay close attention to how players will travel through the overgrown ruined world. The development blog published on Monday provided background information for many of the game footage that appeared in the 14-minute game reveal, which first appeared in the State of Sony Games in March. The latest blog is full of interesting details and playback shots.

“Aloy can climb freely on huge rocky terrain,” wrote Bo de Vries, head of the Guerrilla Games community. “Even more types of machines can be used as mounts; grab points can be found throughout the environment, allowing Flexible vertical traversal; swimming underwater opens up a whole new field of exploration; and gliding with shieldwing provides the ultimate perspective of the beautiful world of Horizon Forbidden West-not to mention a rapid descent from a height!”

Some of the highlights include:

  • A greater sense of verticality in the world crossing, “the rocky surface in these areas can be climbed freely without using tribal handles!”
  • A kind of “high jump traversing mechanic”, which enables Aloy to “hang himself on any object of jumping height and have room to pull up.”
  • A new Pullcaster tool that players can use to launch and “manipulate and destroy their environment”. While in the air, the player can “grab a higher ledge, shoot a bow and arrow, glide, attack from above, and even catch farther.” Pullcaster can also be used as a winch to “pull out from the ledge to hide Or tear open the vents to create a new climbing path.”
  • Another new tool called Shieldwing looks like Horizon’s Zelda glider design; it will help Aloy land gracefully from all these climbs.
  • A workbench has been added, where players can upgrade weapons and clothing.
  • A new skill tree with many unlockable privileges.
  • The spear’s new melee functions, including “Resonator Blast” and “Valor Surge”, are designed to reward players for their melee ingenuity (for those who feel Melee in Zero dawn).
  • In certain factional encounters, humans may use machines as mounts or mounts.exist Zero dawn, The encounter between machines and humans is very different.
  • Although the blog mentions swimming, it does not go into (pun intended) any additional mechanics or details.

The developer blog also mentioned some of the highlights for PlayStation 5 users, including the finer haptic feedback woven into the DualSense wireless controller. This allows for tactile sensations such as adaptive trigger tension when pulling the bow, and the sensation of tall grass when Aloy creeps over it.

“We have put in a lot of effort to create more choices and depth for players, and we are very excited to see how people will play Aloy. She can acquire so many new possibilities of skills, weapons and equipment throughout the mysterious Forbidden West. ,” said Dennis Zopfi, the chief combat designer of the guerrillas.