Horizon Forbidden West-Introducing the powerful sliding teeth

Slitherfang is one of the most impressive new machines in Horizon Forbidden West. In the new trailer for The Game Awards, fans saw this awesome hybrid of cobra and rattlesnake for the first time. The towering giant snake strikes with heavy punches, and we have to watch Aloy confront it head-on.

A new perspective on the jaw-dropping Boss battle with this mechanical snake gives us a good understanding of everything it can do. First, Slitherfang can launch a pressurized acid stream produced by a tank at the bottom of its throat. In view of the expanded scope of this attack, arrows should be fired at the acid tank as soon as possible to disable this attack and other orange components.

Of course, acid is not the only weapon that can be used for slippery teeth. The rattling of its tail emits lightning and produces a wide range of electric waves. We noticed that Slitherfang would shake its rattle shortly before firing. This is very similar to the warning signal of a real rattlesnake, which is a nice touch. However, the rattle is very fragile, and a skilled archer can use some appropriately positioned arrows to open the tail. Most importantly, you can pick up a rattle as a weapon against Slitherfang (although the machine does have the ability to resist impact damage).

Acid spitting and shiny tails are definitely problematic, but the slippery “hood” may be its most dangerous element. The node covering her neck emits sonic pulses, temporarily deafening Aloy, slowing her movements and making her unable to attack for a few seconds. If the player does not scramble to find cover, this will make her vulnerable to subsequent attacks. Game director Mathijs de Jonge described this attack as “difficult to dodge”, so leaving range when you see the attack being charged is the best option.

Although disabling these weapons by shooting certain parts can help eliminate the slippery fangs, so to speak, its large size and agility still make it a powerful enemy. It can quickly whip the body and roll up buildings, thereby gaining a higher vantage point for long-range attacks. Slitherfang’s attack mode will also change based on its health, which means you need to be vigilant and don’t rely on the same strategy throughout the battle. In addition, Slitherfang is smart enough to shoot down Aloy from any perch she climbs, forcing the player to move on.

Although we saw Slitherfang in this long Boss battle, de Jonge mocked that we might still not see everything it can do. “This snake has a lot of attacks,” De Jonge said. Stealth attacks are also ineffective against it. Like every creature in the Horizon West Forbidden Zone, knocking down Slippery Tooth can be done in many ways. It is vulnerable to attacks based on fire, ice, and plasma, so using weapons with these attributes is ideal. Seeing that Aloy finally put it down, I felt very triumphant even just looking at it, so we can only imagine the adrenaline surge that we would get by doing this on our own.

Trust us when we say that Slitherfang looks great, fighting with it should be a highlight for players. To learn more about Horizon Forbidden West, be sure to follow our report center to read about the new features of the game in the coming days.