Horizon Forbidden West PS5 gameplay will be in PlayStation play this week

The new PlayStation State of Play is on this week’s roster. This time around, she focuses on her new adventures at Aloy and Horizon Forbidden West. The long-awaited sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn promises new actions, gorgeous new locales and more. Later this week, we’ll finally be able to see some of that great gameplay live.

The latest PlayStation State of Play will begin on May 27th at 2:00 pm (Pacific) / 4:00 pm (center). Forbidden West Game Director Mathijs de Jonge Promise 20 minutes of exclusive content, including 14 minutes of new gameplay you’ve never seen before. All displayed gameplay is displayed using the power of PlayStation 5.

For those who are interested in seeing, you can follow along with what Alloy reveals above Cramps And YouTube At each link.

The last time I saw Horizon Forbidden West was last year, showing off the stunning ray tracing technology and vast open world explored by the redhead protagonist. What I’ve seen so far is impressive, and the “no loading screen” feature was even more impressive.

Forbidden West continues Aloy’s journey, acting as a direct sequel to the original Horizon Zero Dawn. The land seems to have been destroyed by a storm, and from what was shown in the public trailer, Horizon Forbidden West seems to have some new gameplay mechanics, such as diving underwater. There are also lots of new creatures for her to interact with and new monsters for fighting, such as the nice looking robot elephants.

Horizon Zero Dawn was a huge success in the PlayStation 4 lineup when it was first released in February 2017. The similarities have become interesting to the game story due to the dual nature setting with futuristic technology in more tribal societies. But more than that, there was Alloy himself. Forced to overcome a major struggle at such a young age, her strength lies beyond her struggle. Her kindness never wavered, even though she was treated as an outsider. Her desire to help while being strong enough to set personal boundaries was nothing less than a stimulus. I’m looking forward to what this character will do next. If half of the previous one is fascinating, you’re in the world of fun when Horizon Forbidden West is finally released.

What is the most exciting thing about Horizon Forbidden West? What are your thoughts on Alloy and her adventures in the first game? Shout out those feelings loudly and proudly in the comments section below!