Horizon Forbidden West showcases new armor and new machines in a new trailer

Guerrilla Games has launched a new game trailer, quickly debuting at The Game Awards 2021 in 2021 Horizon Forbidden WestThe trailer isn’t as in-depth as some of the dev diaries we’ve seen in recent weeks, but it does show some new game biomes that we can expect to explore when the new year’s game is released-it even gives us first Check out a selection of new clothing and face paintings.

The most striking thing in the new trailer is Aloy’s various outfits and outfits-you may recognize some looks from the first game, as well as some brand new aesthetics.

Check out the new trailer below.

The keen eye among you might even notice that there are some new machines in the mix. Our personal favorite is the big mechanical snake-it’s an engineering feat in its own right, and the way it moves (and the threat it undoubtedly poses) only provokes threats. charming.

You can also quickly catch a glimpse of bulky mechanical mammoths, monkeys, pterodactyls and more. Hope we don’t have to kill everyone, do we?

Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Guerrilla Games recently postponed “Horizon Forbidden West” to February 18, 2022, postponing it from the previously planned 2021 holiday release window. The game will be released on both PS4 and PS5, although the publisher has officially stated that it will be a PlayStation 5 only version.