Horizon Forbidden West trailer focuses on the culture of its tribe

The new West Coast setting of Horizon Forbidden West is not just inhabited by scary new machines. Aloy will also encounter tribes and cultures, some friends and some enemies. Guerrilla Games released a video reintroducing players to familiar tribes such as Oseram, Utaru, and Tenakth, briefly introducing their culture and status in the region.

We saw Utaru, a culture in harmony with nature, they sang in an effort to heal their withered land. On the other hand, the Tenakites who have experienced many battles are divided into three tribes and are the overlord tribes in the Western Forbidden Zone. One of the clan is Regalla, which is the rebel faction that appeared in the previous trailer, fighting against their fellow clan. As strong as Tenakth, the trailer hints at a stronger group living on the outskirts of Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West will launch games for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on February 18. This is also our cover story for this month, so be sure to visit our dedicated hub (embedded below) to get exclusive news about game opening hours, new machines, and never-the screenshots you saw before. Sony also announced a new horizon game, Call of the Mountain, which is being developed exclusively for its newly released PlayStation VR2. Read all relevant information here.