Horn Moon Mask: In space, no one can hear you with this terrible destiny 2 Goose Mask Horn

As a tribute to the best game of 2019 about nature’s greatest bastards, Untitled Goose Game, Destiny 2 added a new mask to provide you with a terrible honking mask.

“Honk Moon Mask” was introduced in Destiny 2 as part of the game The lost Halloween eventThe mask itself is a low poly sphere, which does not look like a goose, but more like the moon in Majora’s Mask. Its makeup is excessive. Then there is the “beak”, which looks like a vuvuzela from hell.

(Image source: Bungie)

How did you get this abominable? Festival of Lost Let Destiny 2 players wear Halloween masks and get the “spectrum page” By completing Strikes, Crucible games, Gambit games, seasonal events, or any other real events. When collecting Spectral Pages, you can convert them by completing one of the Haunted Lost Sector missions, in which certain positions allow you to summon the headless. Headless is a mini-Boss, once defeated, it will let you turn a ghost page into a manifest page. Then you can redeem the last loot for holiday rewards, such as Honk Moon Mask. It’s a bit lengthy process, but I believe it will feel worth it when you honk in your new gear.

You can also view How to enter the haunted lost department mission So you can get a new pulse rifle, or just keep reading How to start the Festival of LostThe event also introduced this damn spider robot.

(Image source: Bungie)

If you are not familiar, Untitled Goose Game puts you in the webbed feet of a goose in the suburbs of England. It likes to annoy citizens and children by stealing things, honking the horn and occasionally locking people in the garage.It won the Game of the Year award at the 23rd Annual DICE Awards, and the chicken is ours Favorite character of 2019, This must explain some of our situation in PC Gamer.