Hot Wheels Unleashed combines arcade-style toys with simulated racing actions

As a video game developer, Milestone is known for its racing simulations. High standard Racing simulation games, such as the MotoGP and Ride series for racing, and a 3-day WRC license for Xbox 360 and PlayStation.

This doesn’t mean making arcade racers look like Hot Wheels freed Is it a holiday, or a relaxing and enjoyable team building activity. The studio’s executive producer, Michele Caletti, sees this game as an important opportunity to develop the business of this 27-year-old studio, and insisting on the hyper-simulation motorsport mode is simply not enough. This demand.

“We know that racing games are a niche market, and simulation games are a niche market of a niche market,” Caletti told Polygon in an interview. Hot Wheels ReleaseIt will start broadcasting at the end of September. “The racing game market is very crowded; I can make a game, I don’t know, the level of Gran Turismo? Technically, yes. Should we go head-to-head with Gran Turismo? This doesn’t sound like a good idea.”

At first, I was surprised to hear Milestone recommend the Hot Wheels racing game to Mattel instead of Mattel coming to the studio or the parent company Koch Media, which acquired Milestone in 2019. Mattel’s collection cars have a long history of video games, but the last time they appeared in their own console video game (rather than another extension) was in 2013.

But just because the chassis is die-cast metal and the vehicle is mainly driven by gravity does not mean that Hot Wheels is not suitable for Milestone. Caletti said that once Mattel gave Caletti the green light, Milestone brought its motorsport value to their toy collection, just like the studio did for the Monster Energy Supercross series.

“We understand that licenses have never really been processed in AAA quality,” he said, “so this is a question of connecting points. We like simulation, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like arcades. [racing]. “

The Audi Sport Quattro is a legendary station wagon Hot Wheels Release, There are good reasons. The toy is one of the favorites of executive producer Michele Caletti.
Image: Milestone/Koch Media

Caletti believes that some arcade racers can be broken down into a “scripted” experience-their racing action is nothing more than a third-person camera winding across the track, almost on the track, traction, track surface and brakes. Either it doesn’t matter, or it is greatly reduced due to the impact of gameplay.Especially the kart racers did not really integrate into the physics, which resulted in a very homogenous experience, which may be the reason why there is no Hot Wheels game in recent memory that stands out. freed.

“We developed the processing system based on actual physical principles,” Caletti said. Although it is a finished product, it is far less stringent than the physics and processing in 2017. Ride 4, certainly. “so, [we were] Bend the physics to be able to do some kind of drifting, cycling, jumping, landing without jumping frantically or failing to complete the loop. ”

Between me and Hot Wheels Release, I found that you must really, deliberately try to stop and get rid of it in the middle of the loop to loop. But in fact, you can, and you can completely dash off the track and explore the surrounding environment for the rest of the race, which illustrates the goal of the milestone, which is to make this a legal racer, one that is not locked Racers on the track or several of the lanes.

This quasi-realism also explains why Hot Wheels Release There is no traditional weapon of kart racers to destroy other competitors or give one’s own riding superpowers. It does use enhancements (and at higher levels of difficulty, you will use it almost often), but this is mainly because its application-only high speed-can be easily expressed in an environment where the physical has the final say. In addition, players can also charge by drifting, which is another physics-based behavioral milestone that manages to connect with traditional arcade racing tools.

Kaletti said: “This propulsion is far beyond the range of faster speed.” “It can save your race. You drift, you put the car aside, you start the booster, and it compensates the car for trying Way of driving [wide] of [corner exit]. “

1970s style Hot Wheels racing car, painted with gold scales, need to jump long

The flaky green paint job is perfect for the fabulous Twin Mill of the 1970s.
Image: Milestone/Koch Media

None of this implies that Caletti and his colleagues brought a weird, gear-headed view of toy games. Caletti said that many designers have their own Hot Wheels collection, and he has about 100 of them. His 11-year-old daughter has the same number.

This is helpful when you need to represent all the different materials and surfaces that make up a Hot Wheels car or track, with superb authenticity. “We were asking, should we make these cars look like full-size cars, toy cars, video games, cartoon cars?” Kaletti recalled. “The point is that no one makes them in the most obvious way–that is, like you can buy in a toy store, right?”

Hot Wheels Release A fleet of approximately 60 vehicles was launched, all based on real Hot Wheels toys, listed by series and release year. Caletti’s own 1985 Audi Sport Quattro (a die-cast toy, not a true rally racing legend) is part of Milestone’s first car to sell to Mattel, and it is in the finished game-with legendary ratings and matching attributes. If the car is turned over, you can see its matte gray chassis, the outline of the Mattel trademark and other text; again, it is exactly the same as a toy in real life.

Perhaps this little detail explains why Milestone’s commitment to realism and authenticity, even for a series of toy racers, makes the studio the only studio that can provide something similar. freedThe sim-style physics and arcade-like cars and tracks provide fans with the racing experience they really imagined—actually on the steering wheel of their Rodger Dodger, Rip Rod or Motosaurus with full throttle.